It's Time To Cut Your Edges and Shine


I am here to help you shift from that “fight or flight” hustle mindset to one of ease where you can just be you, running a business you love. Let me help you find the clients you love to work with in a way that feels good & aligns with your passion and purpose. 

About Me. 


Anna Lyft

I always hustled for my self-worth. Until one day, my health forced me to stop, and that’s when an incredible shift happened. Sure, the hustle afforded me a successful business, but what I was missing was the soul of it all. I discovered what amazing things you can manifest when you just stop, breathe and focus. When I stepped into my own power, everything began to flow, even money. Running my business from a place of true alignment positioned me in a place of power with ease.


My passion is to help you find yours and attract all the people waiting for you. Let me help you step into your power.

Adam Doe

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Attract Clients with Ease

What People Say 

Amy has a very classy, non judgemental and straightforward approach which I find refreshing and fits my needs perfectly. She listens intently to your needs and understands the depths of your client avatar. With her guidance, I was able to streamline who I want to work with and create a plan to create a platform that will attract those clients. - Tasleem

I just became my own boss. I took my power back. I manifested being self employed and I'm here. You always push me to be bigger, better and greater. - Molly

Amy gave me the confidence I needed. I was not getting engagement on social media and was starting to lose customers.  Amy helped me realize I had no clear target market. I was literally  throwing marketing dollars into a fire pit. I highly recommend her program if you are needing guidance, feel stuck or just want a smoother flow to your business. - Jessica

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